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TEA       +       SCOBY       +       SUGAR     =    KOMBUCHA

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Are you just setting out on your kombucha adventure? You likely have many questions about what kombucha is and how to make kombucha at home. This website is provided as a guide to help you in this process, so that you can experience this delicious drink for yourself.

When some people hear the word “kombucha” they think of a mystical health drink that was used long ago in ancient times. It is true that this drink has been around for thousands of years, but there is nothing mystical about the health benefits that can be enjoyed from this drink! Our modern society is starting to understand more about the numerous ways that kombucha can be beneficial for overall health and wellness.

If you aren’t familiar with kombucha, then it is a good idea to learn more about this health drink so that you understand the basic concepts regarding tea fermentation. As you continue reading this section, you will learn important information, such as:

The goal of this first chapter is to answer all of your questions as you are just starting out.

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented probiotic drink made from tea, a SCOBY (sometimes called a starter), and sugar.

The probiotic benefits of this tea have been found to support immune health and it can be very beneficial for overall digestion and other health concerns. The fermentation is a delicate process to boost the health benefits of the drink without causing too much fermentation to occur, so it is important that you learn about this process if you are planning to make kombucha at home.

Technically, kombucha is a colony of yeast and good bacteria, and when this colony is combined with the tea and sugar it begins to ferment. The final result is a health drink loaded with B vitamins and various compounds that are beneficial for wellness. Don’t worry about the added sugar in the recipe, because this sugar is actually used up during the fermentation process resulting in a low-sugar drink for you to enjoy.

History of Kombucha

Understanding the history of kombucha is important to help you see the many health benefits that are available from this drink.

It has been said that kombucha originated in China over 5,000 years ago.

Chinese medicine used this drink for many purposes throughout the ages, and it spread to other areas in the world including Russia, Japan, and through Eastern Russia into Europe. But it wasn’t introduced to North American until the late 1900s.

The popularity of this drink is growing because of the many health benefits that are available. There are claims of people experiencing health improvements such as decreasing the risk of cancer, boosting the immune system, balancing blood sugar levels, detoxification, reduction in joint pain, and more.

What is “SCOBY” and Why Does it Matter?

As you are learning more about the art of making kombucha, you will frequently see the term “SCOBY.” This acronym stands for a “Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast.” The SCOBY is actually a microbial colony that provides the fermentation benefits of the drink. You can purchase a kombucha starter kit , or you can also get a SCOBY starter from a friend who is already making kombucha at home.

Basically, the SCOBY is a group of microorganisms that work together synergistically in order to produce the right type of fermentation for the drink. The fermentation process is very beneficial for digestive support, and offers a number of other health benefits since the health of your digestive system is directly related to immune function.

Depending on the kombucha recipe that you are using, you might allow the SCOBY to ferment the drink for 7 to 31 days. Make sure that you are following specific instructions though, in order to correctly manage the fermentation process. By carefully fermenting the drink you can keep it light and easily digestible, allowing you to receive the desired health benefits without any negative side effects.

Science of Kombucha

Instead of mystical health claims, there are actually scientific reasons why kombucha is beneficial for overall health and wellness. When the sweet tea is fermented, the result is a drink that is loaded with probiotic organisms that support digestion and improve the “good bacteria” balance in your gut.

Researchers need to do additional studies to identify the true health benefits of kombucha. But, early information has shown a number of benefits, such as natural antimicrobial activity that helps to control both staph and E. Coli bacterial growth.

One of the reasons that kombucha is so beneficial for health is because it assists with the digestive process, which in turn helps the body to maximize nutrient gains from the food. When you drink kombucha in conjunction with a meal, the digestive benefits support the process of breaking down the food which makes the nutrients within the food more bioavailable to your body. Then, the body can use those nutrients to boost energy levels and support various aspects of good health, including stronger immune function. When your immune levels are boosted, the body is more capable of fighting off bacterial and viral infections.

Additionally, kombucha offers many antioxidant benefits to combat free radicals that might be present within your body. Boosting antioxidant consumption helps to decrease free radical activity, which in turn decreases the risk of serious health problems that result from free radical damage including heart disease, cancer, and stroke.

O  Balances Gut O  Helps with Digestion
O  Boosts Immunity O  Combats Free Radicals

Kombucha in Modern Society

Kombucha can be purchased at health food stores, and regular grocery stores are starting to offer kombucha because of the increasing popularity of the drink. Some people prefer to make it at home, and there are many benefits to home-fermented kombucha:

  1. Home fermentation allows more flexibility with the fermentation process, so that you can customize and experiment with the drink

  2. Different flavor combinations can be made based on your personal preferences

  3. If you drink kombucha on a regular basis, it is cheaper to ferment it at home instead of buying the marked-up products at the health food store

  4. Kombucha is easy to make, offering accessibility of this health drink to people who don’t have a health food store nearby

When you try kombucha, you will find that it is a delicious drink! Many people enjoy drinking kombucha because of the taste, and the health benefits are an added bonus. Kombucha doesn’t actually heal the health problems, instead it brings balance to the body so that the natural immune functions can work optimally. Drinking kombucha each day is one of the fastest and easiest ways that you can boost your overall health with one simple step.

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