I started the How to Make Kombucha website because I wanted a place where we could come together and talk about kombucha. It's exciting to see how much kombucha has grown in the past decade. Just a few years ago it seems like the yummy beverage was only known to a few health conscious kitchens, and now kombucha is everywhere! From food blogs to mainstream grocery stores, kombucha has really taken off.

Despite Kombucha's growing popularity, I felt like there was still one thing missing...I couldn't find an online resource created only for the kombcuha community. So I set out to create the How to Make Kombucha website. Now kombucha lovers of all skill levels have a place to come together and discuss kombucha!

If you are learning about kombucha for the first time, I created "The Ultimate Guide to Making Kombucha" , which is a free, comprehensive guide teaching you all about kombucha. The guide discusses everything that I've learned about making kombucha for the last five years. You'll learn about what kombucha is, where it came from, the amazing health benefits, how to make kombucha at home, proper safety measures, and how to store your homemade kombucha.

If you are an experienced kombucha maker or you've already gone through "The Ultimate Guide to Making Kombucha", than I suggest you check out the website's blog, where different kombucha lovers post new and/or interesting articles about kombucha. Please feel free to comment and share your own experiences in the blog section or send me an email. If you wrote an article and it matches the standards of the website, I'd love to post it in the blog section. I look forward to learning from you!

Logan Bittle